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Best Value Body Massage In Redding, CA

An Amazingly Relaxing Spa Experience

Swedish Massage

Get our massage therapy for a complete luxurious pamper

The Swedish or classic massage as it is commonly known is perfect for beginners. You could either be treated to slow and gentle strokes or offered a vigorous massage depending on your requirement and the therapist’s suggestions. Our clients often tell us that they can feel their tensions and knots releasing during a Swedish massage session. These massages are known to improve blood circulation, reduce anxiety, and even experience relief from pain. We’ll start by working on your back, moving to the legs, and then working on the front of each leg and arms before finally finishing with the neck and shoulders.
Contact our licensed therapists to book the Swedish massage online. We are one of the best Asian massage service centers in the Redding region.

Deep Tissue Massage

Make the most out of your holidays and get rid of stress and other chronic ailments

The deep tissue massage is similar to the Swedish Massage but more intense and focused on the deeper tissues of the muscles and the fascia. Our therapist will work towards getting rid of chronic muscle tensions to treat conditions such as low back pain, stiff neck, muscle tightness, etc. Deep tissue massages help in rehabilitation rather than relaxation. Hence, they will be a little uncomfortable when compared to Swedish massages. Our experienced therapist always makes it a point to explain things at the outset so that clients know what to expect and are more accepting.
If you’re looking for the perfect massage therapy, contact us to pamper yourself with the completely relaxed Asian massage services in Redding, CA.

Hot Stone Treatment

Blissful spa treatment to make you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated

Stones are allowed to heat at maximum temperature for this type of massage. During the session, hot stones from volcano rocks are placed on the back portion of your body. The heat produced from the stones is used to release muscle tensions when a special massage technique is applied by our Asian massage therapists. As a result, you’ll encounter increased blood circulation and gain great balance in your physical life. You can emotionally, mentally and spiritually grow with these massage techniques. This session eliminates strain, encourages muscle solidness and increase flexibility.
Our professional therapists use special massaging techniques and strokes along with hot stones to get relief from back pain. Promote relaxation quickly by affording a hot stone treatment in Redding, CA!
If you are looking for a refreshing time, visit the best Massage Oasis in Redding CA. Call 530-276-0226 to book some of the best value body massage in Redding, CA with shower treatment for experiencing moments of pure bliss.