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Amazing Asian Massage In Redding, CA

Serving the Redding region

Massage Oasis

Welcome To The World Of Asian Massage Spa!
We started our journey in the early 2000s and now recognized as one of the best in the massaging industry. Understanding the client’s requirements we deliver exceptional services for creating a new healthy life. Our sensational services including fantastic Asian massage in Redding, CA can help the people in our community discover themselves from a new perspective. We are committed to satisfy the massage needs of each individual in our health focused luxurious setting.

Our features include

Well Trained And Professional Spa Experts
Our Massage Oasis team of dedicated therapists will make you feel comfortable at our safe and inviting spa environment. High standard treatment solutions are tailored to meet specific needs.
Multi-Faceted Water Filtration
Cleanliness is one of the biggest factors in our spa. We have shower treatment for complete detoxification. You can find the purity of our spa ingredients while enjoying the massage session.
Easy & Accommodating Booking Process
At Massage Oasis, we let our clients enjoy a hassle free spa experience. You can book your massages via call or simply by filling the online contact form.
High-End Treatment Rooms
At unbeatable prices, we offer high end spa facilities like comfortable lounge, relaxation massage tables, private changing rooms, lockers and shower facility for delivering utmost peace.
Special Offers And Packages
Give yourself the time to balance your mind and body at Massage Oasis parlor. We offer special massage packs to optimize the improvement of your health. Take advantage of our sensational offers.
Our Difference
We serve the cities of California by offering luxurious spa treatments at unbeatable prices. Our licensed therapists can help you reach a complete transformation by their magic hands. All our services are affordable and easy to fit into your budget and schedule. We even offer customized massage services to match your unique health goals. Visit us to fuel your body.

Unique Retreat To Treasure Every Day

Why Are We The Best In The Spa Industry?

We suggest the perfect package with a true relaxation treatment from our carefully hand-picked spa services. Our therapists without a doubt will help you offer a privileged moment and total relaxation in our non-judgmental environment. Visit us to rejuvenate in our soothing and tranquil day spa environment. Our quiet atmosphere is the perfect to enjoy discovering your inner self in an elegant setting.

What Can We Do For You?

  • Provide a safe and comfortable spa setting to feel like home
  • Offer services that brings out the best in you
  • Uses natural spa ingredients to our renowned spa treatments
  • Include high class treatment facilities with shower and changing rooms
  • Help you enjoy a luxurious experience by offering a divine relaxation massage

Licensed Massage Therapists

Our team provides quality services by looking into one’s physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual components. We let you relax in a safe and comfortable environment or a judgment free zone to explore your inner self much better. Our experienced massage therapist with careful focus offer solution focused therapy that can be tailored to reach your health goals.

Products We Use

During spa massages, we use ingredients that are organic and natural. Our ultimate goal is to offer a healthy therapeutic experience without any skin irritants or rashes. We don’t use any chemicals or unnatural compounds instead we let our incredible results speak. We are able to deliver quality treatments through high standard organic care products.